Beth Burnett 3500X3500More than 30 years of transforming raw sound into pure alchemy has honed my skills as an independent audio producer. My lab? Anywhere inspiration strikes. My ingredients? Custom music, spoken word, and sound design. My specialties? Breathing life into stories through the pulse of Indie Pop/Rock, the hypnotic pull of Minimal Tension, the digital dreamscapes of Electronica, and the whispered worlds of Lo-Fi Cinematic. Let’s concoct something magical together. Please get in touch if you feel I could be of service.

Beth Burnett 3500X3500Murmuring Records is an independent record label focused on ambient soundscapes. Grounded in field recording and found sound aesthetics, Murmuring Records’ wordless mood stories explore the rich ecotone between sound and music. Founded by Beth Burnett, the label makes its debut in March, 2017 with the release of “Wide,” a four-song EP by Serendipity Club.

The subconscious is ceaselessly murmuring, and it is by listening to these murmurs that one hears the truth.
–Gaston Bachelard, French philosopher (1884 – 1962)

Serendipity Club Logo 3500 x 3500

Serendipity Club is an ambient, downtempo/chillout collective centered around field recordings and chance encounters. Drawing inspiration from found sounds and field recordings, the Club’s production is guided by listening closely to everyday sounds and letting them tell their own stories.

Sometimes serendipity is just intention unmasked.
–Elizabeth Berg